Every year, members of the German Village Garten Club rally holiday cheer, which begins with the Third Street planters.

Every year, members of the German Village Garten Club rally holiday cheer, which begins with the Third Street planters.

Just before the holiday season is upon us, the holiday helper elves, of the Garten Club, change the beautiful flowers from summer days long past, and plant happy Christmas trees, sparkling with ornamentation.

The Garten Club holiday helper elves not only brave the chilly weather to walk the streets of The Village, making sure each neighbor has a Holiday Greenery Sales flyer in time to have the greenery delivered (yes, we deliver), but they also adorn each Christmas tree along Third Street with sparkling ornaments, holiday cheer, and tree dedications to loved ones.

This all happens in time for the spectacular Village Lights event that draws so many neighbors, near and far, into The Village for an evening of magic, smiles, and friends while strolling the beautiful streets and businesses of the historic German Village.

Let's not forget, a huge THANK YOU goes to the German Village Society's 50th Anniversary Committee for providing glittery, gold ornaments for the Third Street Planters' Christmas trees, and Vutech and Ruff for helping the Garten Club's holiday elves with the decoration of our beloved Frank Fetch Park.

Although the Grinch surely had a hand in the extreme weather this year, which canceled the magical moment and fun of the tree-lighting, Santa still sent an elf or two to brave the weather and light the tree.

All is well in Frank Fetch Park on Beck Street. Typically, the tree lighting of Frank Fetch Park is the first Friday of December.

Villagers are invited to join the German Village Society and enjoy cookies, hot cider and cocoa, music and friends.

Santa gives candy canes to the children, while Pelznickel gets a giggle by passing out coal to even the good little boys and girls.

If you haven't witnessed the twinkling lights dancing on the snow-covered trees, take a moment and do so. It's surely going to bring a childlike smile and memories to your face.

Also, consider the gift of a German Village Garten Club membership this holiday season.

Gardeners and Garden Lovers (you know, the ones that don't necessarily like to dig in the dirt) are all welcome to join -- we have such a fun, diverse community of members!

The German Village Garten Club and all its holiday elves, extend the warmest of wishes to you and your family this holiday season.

We hope to see you in 2014.

In the meantime, please visit our website -- www.germanvillagegartenclub.com -- and "like" our Facebook page.

German Village Garten Club Vice President Nancy Little submitted the Village Notebook column.