If you're keeping close track of the German Village Society the past three weeks, you know that we're growing.

If you're keeping close track of the German Village Society the past three weeks, you know that we're growing.

With two new hires announced over the holidays, we are in an excellent position to maximize our mission of historic preservation and education in 2014.

Perhaps you'd like to know who's on the team and who's in charge of what.

Let's start with our longest-serving staff member, Russ Arledge.

Russ' title has changed for the new year to better reflect his job description -- he is now curator of archives and facilities.

Russ leads our digitization project, our effort to make searchable on the Internet nearly every archive object, historical document, photo/poster/artwork, and house file the German Village Society has collected over 54 years (happy birthday to us, we turn 54 this month!).

The software used for this project, Past Perfect, was purchased through Tea 43206 funds, in mid-2012.

Russ has a team of volunteers and a new OSU Digital History intern helping to capture the stacks and reams and cupboards of collections.

Russ is applying his three decades in collections management for the Ohio Historical Society and Columbus' former air museum.

Russ is also in charge of day-to-day building scheduling and maintenance and he works closely with our bookkeeper to manage our daily income and expenses.

We hired Sarah Marsom as Historic Preservation Advocate, and she will serve as our preservation and education lead with property owners, the German Village Commission and the City of Columbus Historic Preservation Office.

Sarah will also apply her education and advocacy expertise to marketing and coordinating our group tours. Sarah starts Jan. 13.

Monday, Jan. 6, Mark Weiss joined us as a contract worker to lead social and digital marketing efforts, especially for the German Village Business Community.

He will also help plan and administrate Art Crawl and Village Lights. Mark will be in charge of Meeting Haus rentals and Visitors Center volunteer coordination, too.

We employ four more people on contract.

Jessica Johnson, of Accounting Solutions of Ohio, is our accountant. Tanya Rutner, of Raising Green Productions, leads our development effort.

Matt Shad, of Genesus Consulting, is leading the project to create an American Planning Association continuing-education conference over two days next fall.

Jody Graichen continues to serve us as preservation guru, grant writer and as an all-around great resource for institutional memory.

That leaves me. My title changed to executive director Jan. 1, mostly to clear up confusion.

Although my title was director, most folks called me executive director anyway.

The new title also better fits the growing organization we're becoming.

It is my job to coordinate the energy and expertise of all the people above (and they have PLENTY) with the expectations of the Society Board of Trustees and in keeping with the amazing efforts of our committees.

I also get to interact with our volunteers, members, donors and sponsors whose numbers keep growing.

This team is made possible only because of your support. You -- as member, donor, sponsor, partner or volunteer -- are the critical members of our team, and I want to thank you again for being involved. I hope you'll tell a friend or neighbor about how great our team is and ask them to join us.

It is going to be a great new year.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.