Did you see our all-digital annual report for 2013?

Did you see our all-digital annual report for 2013?

It was a pretty piece full of great information about what the German Village Society does and who fuels our engine.

If you can believe this, the entire thing cost us zero dollars.

People with the skills to make it happen -- and make it happen with style -- offered up their talents for free.

Emmy Mitchell designed the piece top to bottom and in-kind writers John Clark, Sarah Cohen, Beth Ervin, Jennifer Heitmeyer and Jeanne Tranter conducted interviews and wrote text.

There are so many ways to give to the German Village Society, and I want to focus today on all of the ways you might engage your network for the good of our neighborhood.

I'm talking about people who can offer in-kind items we need, thereby reducing our expenses and allowing us to focus more investment on historic preservation education and advocacy.

Take a look at this list of items we need, and think about whether you know someone who might be able to help.

We give in-kind donors all kinds of different recognition, so just put them in touch with me (or me with them) and we'll make a plan that can benefit us both.

Some donors like tax write-offs. Some like advertising. Some, such as the crew I named above, just love putting their talents to work for German Village.

Please help us find in-kind offers for:

* Printing -- We have enjoyed printing support from Nationwide Children's Hospital and Grange Insurance for years, but we have much more to print than these partners can give.

Do you know of a company with in-house printing that might help us print a piece, or a print vendor who is a friend?

* Thank yous -- You can never thank a volunteer too much. And we have hundreds of them. We had amazing in-kind support last year from Martin Carpet Cleaning and Columbus Window Cleaning to help us thank our Haus und Garten Tour hosts; treats from Kolache Republic to thank our PreTour hosts; delectables from Katzinger's and Donatos to feed our volunteers.

Do you know a business who might like to help us thank hundreds of volunteers, hosts, chairs, award-winners, etc.?

* PreTour decorations -- Party on the Platz has a reputation for being a chic night of dancing under the stars that is well-deserved. As our biggest fundraising night of the year, think how much you could increase the money raised if you could help us find in-kind support for things like tents, rentals, lighting, photography, ice, beer/wine (thank-you to Hausfrau Haven for supporting every PreTour dinner party), a DJ, decorations, paper products or utensils (which High Line Car House donated last year).

* Trolleys, golf carts -- Everybody loves to take the trolley from the Front Street lot to the Meeting Haus and then jump on the golf carts. We offer these services free to our Tour guests, but they cost us money. Do you know someone who has these kinds of businesses who you might connect me to?

* Overnight security -- Once all of the decorations are in place for Party on the Platz, someone has to secure the joint. Know a reputable company who could help for some recognition in the neighborhood? Give me a shout.

* Watercolor prize sponsors -- If you love art, like longtime Wet Paint Contest sponsors Jim and Jan Barnes and Jim Nichols, this might be a great place for you to support the Society and get a nice painting for your wall.

There's no reason your connection has to serve the Haus und Garten Tour.

Last year, Heath Joliff and Ryan Jones donated Monster Bash animatronics.

John Pribble has connected us to a graphic designer for our fall workshop series.

There isn't enough room to name all of the ways people bring their talents and their networks to the table.

Have an idea? I'd love to chat. Reach me at 614-221-8888.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.