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Preservation Open House chance for a meet and greet

Since beginning work at the German Village Society, Jan. 13, I have been lucky to meet many of you and I look forward to introducing myself to more of you in the coming months.

My first few days on the job were spent with Jody Graichen, who coordinated meetings for me with the Columbus Historic Preservation Office, Code Enforcement, Historic Preservation Commission members, and other key players in the preservation of German Village.

Jody provided great insight into what all my position will entail - from helping our residents and property owners understand the guidelines to keep an eye on the neighborhood for anything that may require me to work the property owner first, or call 311.

Her knowledge has been an invaluable resource and I will continue to seek her guidance as questions arise.

These past few weeks have been spent focusing on acclimating myself to the work environment, understanding the Society's needs, and my role in preservation and group tours.

Between learning the Commission guidelines, attending a German Village Commission meeting, and listening to resident's concerns, I am beginning to better understand German Village and am eager to continue to recognize issues in the community.

Some include the future Interstate 70/71 project, brick street and sidewalk preservation, and home repairs (to name a few).

My meetings are introducing me to the passion and commitment to preservation within the community and just how many team members I already have in place to help preserve this community.

In addition to learning about the preservation efforts in the community, I have been learning about the wonderful group tour offerings at German Village and have begun to schedule group tours for this spring.

As German Village plans its Visitors Center evolution and other projects, I will become more involved with educational development efforts for the German Village Society.

I look forward to working with our volunteers and Society members in the planning and implementation of German Village Society's major events such as the Haus und Garten Tour and the first German Village Society APA workshop and conference, which now has a theme: "Urban. Living History: Paths to transformation."

Mark your calendars to join us Sept. 16-18.

Please come to the Historic Preservation open house meeting from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 20, in the Scheurer Room to meet me and discuss preservation and education in our community.

Sarah Marsom, German Village Society historic preservation advocate, submitted the Village Notebook column.