Everyone loves German Village.

Everyone loves German Village.

This is as true for the young professionals, young families, empty nesters, retirees, corporate re-locatees and all the others who make their home in this remarkable, authentic community.

It is also true for the more than 10,000 people who sign our Visitor Center guest book and the others who enjoy German Village without leaving their names and from where they hail.

The pride of place, the specialness of this downtown, historic neighborhood, is palpable.

This pride springs from the intense passion for German Village that has been nurtured over almost half a century.

That's a chunk of time.

This has been gifted to us by so many who have given their hearts (and time, talent and treasure) to German Village.

This passion pours forth for the brick streets and houses, the shops and businesses interspersed throughout, the charming alleys planted with flowers, our impeccable parks, and the ability to walk to do, see or get just about anything you need or your heart desires.

Equally important is the passion for the strong sense of community, of connectedness and interconnectedness.

People love each other. We know and care about our neighbors.

We shop local and know the business owners and employees. We welcome new folks with open arms, a big smile, a gift of food or drink and an offer to get engaged in the life, in the vibrant community, that is German Village.

There are almost as many ways to engage as there are people. Just ask.

Visitors are cheerfully greeted and directed to favorite places such as destination restaurants, parks which are jewels in the city's crown, and the Society's Visitor's Center.

Everyone is proud to live, work and play in German Village. It is a very, very special place.

You feel it as soon as you arrive. You feel it as soon as you leave this amazing community. That is why so many return to German Village, often over and over again.

The German Village Society strives every day to retain the character of the past while creating a thriving, urban community for the future.

We are caretakers of a legacy. Seriously.

We hope you will join us and be passionate about German Village by participating with the German Village Society

Our office address is 588 S. Third St., Columbus, Ohio, 43215. Our phone number is 614-221-8888 and our website is germanvillage.com.

Jeanne M. Likins, president of the German Village Society Board of Trustees, submitted the Village Notebook column.