Linda Nader is taking her show on the road.

Linda Nader is taking her show on the road.

First stop: German Village.

The Restoration Road Show, presented by Nader, will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 15 and March 17 in the Meeting Haus, 588 S. Third St.

Nader, a professional art restorer, said she invites people to bring old paintings, and wooden and clay sculptures, to the show.

She, in turn, will demonstrate her craft and offer to restore the individual pieces at her studio in New Mexico.

Residents are asked not to bring glass, paper or porcelain objects.

She said she expects people to bring items of immense sentimental value.

"A lot of these will be paintings someone in their family's painted," she said.

"And it's usually one of their favorites."

She charges anywhere from $75 to $600 for a restoration, depending on the size of the painting. Detailed restoration costs more.

"It's a maintenance thing," she said.

The show is not affiliated with Antiques Roadshow, a popular television show on the PBS network, nor will appraisals be done.

Yet, Nader credits the show for generating interest in household artifacts.

She said she plans to hold similar restoration shows throughout the country.

"I figured that's the part that's missing for people who have art, but don't know where to go get things repaired or cleaned," she said.

Shiloh Todorov, executive director of the German Village Society, said Nader's show is a good fit with Meeting Haus, which hosts several art shows every year.

"We love to be able to offer the community reasons to visit us at the Meeting Haus, see our art exhibitions and just have a unique opportunity under our roof," Todorov said.

"We look forward to welcoming Linda and her expertise in art restoration."