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Packages make attending events economical, too

Now that every patio in the neighborhood has been open for 10 days, I'm sure you're bored with spring and your sights are set on summer fun.

I can help.

Last year, for the first time, we offered bundles of tickets to our annual events. Buy once and realize a discounted price.

We're ready to offer it again.

You write one check (or process one credit card payment) and your 2014 calendar's worth of fun is set!

The Uberfreunde and Wunderkind packages are back.

Here's what you get:


For just $325 per package -- you'll get one ticket to EVERY German Village Signature event including PreTour, Art Crawl, Tea43206, Monster Bash (the VIP level!) and our invite-only Donor Thank You event in November.

This year, we've created a new September event called Great Placemakers, and your package includes a ticket to the opening-night reception and keynote program.

If you buy them separately, they'll cost $405 -- so save yourself 80 bucks and buy the bundle


Under the age of 36? Consider this for $150 per package, which includes one ticket each to Party on the Platz, Art Crawl, Monster Bash (yep, VIP, baby!) and our invite-only Donor Thank You event in November.

This is for our fabulous, hard-working Young Professionals who keep this neighborhood fresh and vibrant -- and who want to save on the $230 buying tickets separately would cost.

Last year, Ken Hunger and Tim Moore bought the Uberfreunde.

They said they found the package was an easy way to assure they would have access to all the great events that the German Village Society provides.

Here's the thing -- our events are spectacularly fun.

The costumes at PreTour, the cocktails at Monster Bash, the hats at Tea.

But events are actually the top way we raise money, so buy partying with German Village Society you help keep your neighborhood unique.

You have fun, you get a tax write-off and you support us your favorite not-for-profit.

So, maybe you're feeling like you could stretch a bit and be even MORE charitable?

If so, think about whether you'd make a good Anhanger.

For a gift of $1,000 -- we'll give you four PreTour tickets and recognition on select marketing materials to thank you for your investment in German Village Society.

These packages are on sale RIGHT NOW at

Don't wait! PreTour menus come out next week and you want to already be holding your tickets when they do.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.