Massage therapy made a believer out of Kim Jones.

Massage therapy made a believer out of Kim Jones.

Now she wants to make a believer out of others.

Jones, a licensed massage therapist, is the owner of Take Ten Body Therapy, which recently relocated from downtown to 267 E. Livingston Ave. in German Village.

Jones said she looks to help people, from athletes to office workers, with a variety of ailments, including sciatica, migraines, sinus headaches, carpal tunnel and general muscle aches and pains.

"The concept is to help manage their daily stress," she said.

Jones herself suffered from chronic muscle pain in her leg for 25 years, which affected other parts of her body.

After various forms of treatment, a deep-tissue message on a tight hamstring muscle began to alleviate the pain.

Jones was is a former lab technician for Nationwide Children's Hospital who took a different career path and graduated from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, an 18-month training program.

Still, many insurance companies don't cover message therapy, so Jones said she makes things affordable for people of all levels of need.

"It's all about the budget and the time management," she said. "A lot of people haven't had massages before."

For the uninitiated, she offers 10-minute massages. More extensive therapies include longer massages, sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, or NMT, dynamic and static stretching, and placed heated stones directly onto the skin, which promotes relaxation of the muscle and tissue and allows the therapist to perform deep-tissue manipulation comfortably.

Jones said she has a diverse clientele.

Client Patricia Christian, a research manager for a law firm downtown, said a co-worker talked her into trying a neck and shoulder massage seven years ago.

The relief was incredible, she said, and she later sought treatment for arthritic knees. She said she goes to see Jones once a week.

"It gets everything in the right order," she said. "Therapeutically I think it improves the way I feel."

Nikki Jaworski, an exercise enthusiast, regularly goes to Jones for a tune-up.

"It's a lot of restorative therapy that I feel" after a trip to Take Ten, she said.