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Haus und Garten Tour

Go Green ratchets up waste-reduction effort


The 55th German Village Haus und Garten Tour could serve as a green-event template for Ohio and beyond.

Jordanne Renner, chairwoman of the Go Green committee, said she is working with the Ohio EPA and Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio on a waste-reduction checklist that could become a prototype for all public events.

Renner addressed the issue at the April 14 meeting of the German Village Society Board of Trustees.

She said Go Green had some success last year with its green efforts: recycling stations were set at many stops along the Tour and PreTour.

Wristbands and raffle tickets were made from recycled compostable material embedded with wildflower seeds.

Likewise, cups, flatware and plates at the Party on the Platz last year were made from compostable biodegradable material.

But Go Green, with the help of Society members, is going to ratchet up its efforts by further reducing the waste stream, Renner said

"We are going to be the national posterchild for the EPA," Renner said.

For example, PreTour menus and RSVP cards now will be available online or over the phone.

The program will still be printed, but will be significantly reduced in its size, said Shiloh Todorov, executive director of the German Village Society.

Clearly marked trash and recycling bins will be available at the tour stops, she said. Committee members will start to firm up details in coming weeks, she said,

"It isn't a huge trash-producing event, since we don't specifically serve food," Todorov said of the Haus und Garten tour, slated for June 29.

"But, we certainly look forward to reducing our carbon footprint through this process.

"Go Green has done a phenomenal job of unleashing the power of a lot of people across the neighborhood to participate more fully in German Village Society," Todorov said.

"They're doing great work to support neighbors, and beyond that to introduce us to more of Columbus."