Those attending this year's "Schmeckfest" will be eating with a purpose.

Those attending this year's "Schmeckfest" will be eating with a purpose.

A portion of the proceeds from the fifth-annual tasting festival will benefit St. Katharinen's Church in Trent, on the island of Ruegen, in Germany.

St. Katharinen's is attempting to raise funds to help purchase a bronze bell for the steeple and restore the church.

The price has been estimated at $34,323 American dollars, which is about 25,000 euros

Schmeckfest will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday, April 27, in the Germania Sport und Singing Society clubhouse, 543 S. Front St.

Tickets purchased in advanced cost $12. They will cost $15 at the door. Children ages 4 and younger eat for free.

Traditional German clothing will be sold at a boutique in the rehearsal hall.

Gunter Garbe, a Germania member, brought the issue of St. Katharinen's bell to the attention of the membership.

Garbe, who has been to the church, said that during World War I, the Germans confiscated church bells to make ammunition.

Through the Germania, Garbe got into contact with Eckhardt Bode, a native of Trent, a half hour from Garbe's hometown of Wiek.

Garbe struck up a friendship with Bode and through their correspondence over the last several years, Bode told Garbe about the church's plight.

Kathleen Megown, also a member of the Germania, said the service club has raised money locally and for projects abroad.

She said replacing the bell at St. Katharinen's Church fit the club's mission.

"This time, to reach across to this little island in Germany, would be a nice thing to do," Megown said.

Meanwhile, food naturally plays a big part of the celebration.

Patrons can choose from a variety of German classics, including cabbage rolls, rouladen, goulash, sauerbraten, schnitzel, potato pancakes, and a variety of desserts and pastries. A cash bar will be available.

Jane Ott, a member of the club who lived in Germany for 10 years, will be making bienenstich, a type of cake, and zwiebelkugen, a savory style of cake topped with caramelized onions and a cream cheese mixture that is baked.

Ott said the array of food is impressive.

"You will sample every type of food that is available in Germany," she said.