German Village Gazette

City to clear brush, repair alleys in Village and beyond


As part of a large scale effort, Columbus soon will clearing brush and filling potholes in 79 alleys in German Village, Schumacher Place, the Brewery District and Merion Village.

Rick Tilton, spokesman for the city's division of public service, said the work likely will continue through fall for all of the 260 alleys on the list for repair.

Residents will be notified before workers fill potholes with crushed rock and a tar-like emulsion.

Tilton said the duration of the work will be based on the weather. Filling potholes can usually be done in a couple days and can they can be driven over almost immediately, he said.

"We try to keep people off of it until we're certain it's dry," he said. "This has a pretty quick turnaround time, a few hours waiting period just to be on the safe side."

German Village and South Side neighborhoods are among seven areas being targeted by the city for alley cleanup. The others include: Fifth by Northwest, Clintonville, Eastmoor, Franklinton, Hilltop and the University District.

At least 35 miles of alleys will be improved in the annual program. The city will spend $1.5 million on the work, the same as it spent the two previous years.

"Every three years our inspectors go out and look at every single alley," Tilton said.

"We're on the third year of the last time we did that, so we're getting to the alleys we didn't get to the last time."

He said the alleys are rated on a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the worst.

"We want to get to the alleys that are in the worst shape as soon as we can," Tilton said. "We try to spread it out fairly across the city like the road resurfacing."