German Village Gazette

Online survey

Society wants input about German Village's future


The German Village Society, aiming to set a blueprint for the neighborhood over the next five to 10 years, is looking to the community to help set that course.

The six-member Strategic Planning Task Force has posted an online survey designed to give feedback about improvements to the neighborhood and evaluate the mission and vision of the Society.

Shiloh Todorov, executive director of the Society and a member of the task force, said the group has conducted more than 60 individual and small-group interviews.

"We're trying to hear from as many stakeholders as possible, which the survey speaks to, trying to get a lot of participation," Todorov said.

"Task force members have targeted individuals in groups representing businesses, volunteers, members, neighbors, young people, Realtors and donors, to name a few."

Now's the time to move the discussion to the broader community, she said.

"It is very time-consuming to spend an hour interviewing individuals, and that is very rewarding and very worthwhile," Todorov said.

"But in order to get a lot of voices heard, and see the broad perspectives of stakeholders, we need a survey to cover ground more quickly."

The 11-question survey seeks input from everyone, whether a resident or visitor, homeowner or renter.

It asks such questions as "What do you like most about German Village?" to "If you can imagine German Village 10 years from now, what would you like to see?"

Among the goals of the process is to develop a strategic plan which identifies the three to five most pivotal strategies for the German Village Society to pursue over the near future and suggest measures of success or achievement of goals.

"The German Village Society has been a lot of things to a lot of people over 54 years," Todorov said.

"This strategic plan is meant to help us pare down our considerable breadth and depth to a few key projects on which we should really focus our resources."

The final report will be presented to the Society Board of Trustees by mid- to late-summer. A board retreat is scheduled in September to receive the report.

"The board will be presented all of the feedback, as well as actionable, prioritized items for the board to consider that align to the key themes learned through the process," Todorov said.

"The board will be tasked to choose which to move on and in what order."