We have an opening on the German Village Commission to fill, and we're looking for a few good candidates.

We have an opening on the German Village Commission to fill, and we're looking for a few good candidates.

The German Village Society, through our Historic Preservation Committee, is tasked by the city to recruit, review and recommend two of the seven slots on the all-volunteer German Village Commission.

These volunteer commissioners, most of whom are German Village residents, represent a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, including architects, attorneys, builders, preservationists and others with a special interest in preserving and protecting our architectural heritage, while keeping German Village architecture relevant to our contemporary lifestyles.

Being a representative of the German Village Society for the German Village Commission -- wait a minute -- they're different you might ask?

Yes, the Commission is seven mayoral appointees charged under city codes 3116 and 3119 to preserve, protect and enhance the unique architectural and historical features of the German Village Historic District by considering and issuing Certificates of Appropriateness for exterior alterations at properties located within the German Village Historic District boundaries.

The Society is the nonprofit advocate for preservation and education in the district.

As a commissioner for the German Village Society, one has the ability to ensure this locally and nationally designated historic district maintains its architectural integrity.

The first Tuesday of every month, the German Village Commission reviews Certificate of Appropriateness applications submitted to the City Historic Preservation Office.

This public meeting allows for commissioners to discuss with applicants the strengths and weaknesses of their application and approve or deny the application based upon the German Village Guidelines.

The goal of the commission process is to ensure the design is appropriate for the district and it is the strongest design possible.

Applications to be reviewed by commissioners include the following: new construction, curb cuts, and zoning variance recommendation requests.

Every May, the German Village Commission celebrates preservation triumphs at the annual Caretakers of a Legacy Awards.

Sought-after qualities of a commissioner include:

* Familiarity with the German Village Historic District.

* Interest in learning the German Village Guidelines.

* Dedication to historic preservation.

* Strong communication skills.

* Ability to dedicate time towards commission and business meetings.

For more information visit germanvillage.com. You can also contact Preservation Committee Chairwoman Chris Hune -- CLHune@teamfishel.com or GVS Historic Preservation Advocate, Sarah Marsom -- smarsom@germanvillage.com.

Please submit a letter of interest to Sarah Marsom immediately for consideration.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a German Village Commissioner through working together we can guarantee the German Village Historic District will stay a premiere neighborhood and destination.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.