German Village Gazette

German Village Garten Club offers dedication plaques for planters


The German Village Garten Club is giving some residents a chance to provide a lasting tribute to the community.

Members of the German Village Society, German Village Business Community and Garten Club are getting an exclusive opportunity to dedicate one of 26 new Third Street planters.

The dedication fee is $800 for small planters and $900 for the larger ones. The donation is tax deductible because the Garten Club is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

The planters, which will be installed this fall, can be dedicated to a friend, relative, pet or in the donor's honor.

Deadline for purchasing the plaques is June 30. The application is available online at If all plaques aren't claimed by members of the three organizations by the June 30 deadline, the offer will be extended to the general public.

The plaques will be made of black metal with silver lettering and attached to the planter.

"It's a new age look, something that will last forever," said Ashleigh Lemon, a member of the Garten Club.

Nancy Little, new president of the Garten Club, said the old cedar planters were around for about 20 years.

"They required a lot of maintenance because they were wood," she said.

The new planters will be made of galvanized steel and should last upward of 80 years, she said.

The dedication plaques will pay for the planters, which cost $21,200 total.

She said there are five additional planter locations, but the club is waiting on the signoff from the property owners, Little said.