German Village Gazette

Stauf's spills the beans on Village location


An intimate coffee shop with an in-house roaster and homemade baked goods will replace Cup O Joe/MoJoe Lounge in German Village.

Stauf's, which is part of the same company, is taking over the space at 627 S. Third St., while also opening a store in the North Market.

"We saw that as a really good opportunity for the German Village community," said Mark Swanson, president of Stauf's Coffee Roasters and Cup O Joe, of which MoJoe Lounge is affiliated.

"The MoJoe concept didn't take off very well, so we saw this as an opportunity to pare down on the food side."

Construction should take four to six weeks, he said.

Cup O Joe opened in early 1994, followed by MoJoe Lounge in 2009.

Swanson said the space will be reconfigured, with a roaster in the front of the coffee house, while most of the seating will be moved to the former lounge. It will have some updated features, such as cuppings and brew demonstrations, as well as some coffee options exclusive to the store.

Likewise, the baked-goods offerings will be expanded, he said.

"It's going to be German Village Stauf's with elements more specific to German Village," Swanson said.

"We're not opening a Stauf's in German Village. We're opening a German Village Stauf's."

The interior will seat about 45. The 30-seat patio, however, will not change, he said.

It will become the third store overall to feature in-house roasting, which will be done a couple of times a week, so the coffee "will be super fresh," Swanson said.

He said alcohol will be eliminated from the site, as the company looks to sell its liquor license.

There are two other MoJoe Lounges in Columbus.

The company got its start in 1988 in Grandview Heights as a roaster and coffee house.

It has expanded twice since then, taking over more space in the Bank Block building on Grandview Avenue.

Since then, the company opened a production facility on the West Side that serves hundreds of restaurants, grocery stores and specialty shops across the country.