I want to tell you about Team Haus und Garten Tour 2014.

I want to tell you about Team Haus und Garten Tour 2014.

This is a story of the right people leading the right pieces of a multi-layer project -- and of having 95 percent of last year's team back for 2014.

I want to recognize the core group who has been at this since January.

It all starts with sixth-year board liaison -- and ninth-year PreTour host -- Darci Congrove.

Darci has the history, the level-head and solid helmsmanship any organization would envy.

Also on the team and on the board, Trustee Sarah Irvin Clark, garners more than $25,000 in media attention for our events and projects every year.

Trustee Chris Hune, who has played every role I can think of on Haus und Garten Tour, gave her seasoned eye to the rugs and stanchions duty, elements which subtly demarcate Tour Day.

The rugs and stanchions and trash and ice and tents are put in place by the Operations team.

Mike Cornelis returned to shepherd the Operations team with Trustee Nick Cavalaris.

Nick was also a Party on the Platz patron. Scott Burns came back to Operations from 2013, too.

Another yeoman, long-serving board member -- head of ticketing, beer, water, raffle and whatever else he sticks his nose in -- Trustee Bill Curlis can be counted on to borrow my grandmother's recipes and throw a PreTour dinner and then spring out of bed the next morning and do all of the above.

Trustee Joe Kurzer joined the board in April and had already agreed to put his house on Tour.

Trustee Brittany Gibson helped decorate Party on the Platz AND recruited her husband, Joe, to help on golf carts. She sold PreTour tickets to her friends, too.

Trustee Tim Bibler was out volunteering all weekend.

Trustee Dennis Brandon, as chairman of Development, helped round up our successful sponsorship story this year.

Trustee Bill Case and his wife, Lisa, participated as Party on the Platz patrons.

Trustee Susan Sutherland made breakfast AND lunch for our orphan homeowners.

Trustee Jeff McNealey was scheduled to be out of town this weekend, but we had his wife, Sara, as a house captain.

President Jeanne Likins -- a PreTour host and ticket-seller last weekend -- offers daily and often hourly support I could NOT do without on this job.

What about our Tour and PreTour hosts -- let me tell you, I'm no expert, but I have a feeling it is difficult to have a Haus und Garten Tour and Pre-Party without each and every one of these people openings their homes.

We want to thank Jim Million for installing the plaques at the homes; David Schooler and Strip, Hoppers, Leithart, McGrath & Terlecky LPA for allowing us to park on their property -- and to Grange Insurance for allowing the trolley parking at their lot in the Brewery District.

James Wiggin is our liaison to the Central Ohio Watercolor Society. MarketPlatz was led this year by Nancy Little and Katharine Moore.

Jordanne Renner and Go Green created a new partnership for this Tour with SWACO and Ohio EPA to make us a test site for a new program to make these events greener -- and we appreciate that vision and leadership.

We cannot do golf carts without Dan Pullen, AND he walks all of our permits and closures and barricade needs and temporary no parking through City Hall and then goes out himself and places all the signs.

Mary Marsh returned this year to lead our house captains -- and I think Mary, like Tanya and I, can say "what a difference a year makes" in your sensibility about an event.

If there's any one person putting in nearly as much time on this event as staff does it is Bonnie Mitchell.

When we needed a volunteer lead last year, Bonnie said not only would she like to do it, she'd like to combine it with being volunteer lead on Tour, Art Crawl and Village Lights -- for some number of years to come!

Thank you to our Party on the Platz leaders for year 2 -- Sarah Kasey and Alena Marand.

Alena has had an evolving family emergency and had to step away this spring, but Callie Trafford stepped in with aplomb.

The rest of the PreTour crew -- rounding up 350 dinner seats, as well as hosting their own dinners or sponsoring Party on the Platz (not actually a requirement, but they did it anyway) -- I'd like to thank Michele McFadden, Angela Petro and Ronni and Darrell Van Ligten.

Bert Stevens puts her passion for the village to work for us as garden chair.

Finally, our chairmen.

Dan Kline and Marie Logothetis agreed to be our Tour chairmen back in September over cocktails at Curio. I'm going to guess those were among the LAST cocktails Marie drank since three days before Tour, little Benjamin Kyle Kline arrived as our newest resident.

Within just a few months, Dan and Marie -- with Bert's help -- had rounded up the 12 homes for this year's tour and by March told me they already have eight yeses for NEXT year.

They rounded up sponsors, in-kind donors, PreTour hosts, PreTour ticket sales -- and just generally took extremely good care of our homeowners at every step of the way.

Dan wrote every word of the program and the online content (with help from Sarah Marsom and Historic Preservation committee research volunteers).

That alone is usually a several-person undertaking.

Since I can never say thank you loud or often enough -- at least let me say it in capital letters.


German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.