Last week, I used this column to name drop about our dedicated core of volunteers for Haus und Garten Tour 2014. This week, I want to highlight three of our biggest sponsors.

Last week, I used this column to name drop about our dedicated core of volunteers for Haus und Garten Tour 2014. This week, I want to highlight three of our biggest sponsors.

For the first time in 2014, we secured a presenting Haus und Garten Tour sponsorship with Frontgate.

After purchasing a program ad and donating a raffle item to the 2013 Tour, Frontgate saw the potential for our event and wanted to up the ante and partner at the Hauptsponsor level.

Not only did the store put up a substantial cash sponsorship to further our mission-centric projects and programs, it donated furniture for use at Party on the Platz (saving us about $1,000 on rentals), offered our tour homes discount pricing to outfit their homes for tour day and then sent gifts to each of our homeowners (another expense off our bottom line).

We hadn't made it all the way through the day on Tour Sunday when the local representative from the Easton outlet center called to find out when we could sit down to talk about further partnerships.

That is a HUGE win for the German Village Society, and you can play a role in my "thank you" when you visit the Easton outlet.

Please let them know where you're from and how grateful you are to have them on the team dedicated to preserving our historic character.

While you're out shopping and thanking, stop in at Giant Eagle on Whittier Street and ask For Dana Polhamus. This is my love letter to Dana and her team at our German Village Giant Eagle.

As you know, we are in the second year of partnering on the German Village Haus und Garten Tour, and while we were so thrilled with Year 1, Year 2 was phenomenally better.

When I sat down with Dana in January to talk about how things had gone for Giant Eagle in 2013, and how we could improve for 2014 -- her response was: "How can we serve you even better?"

That was such an amazing kickoff to Tour 2014, and she didn't just say it -- she delivered it.

From better in-store promotion of ticket sales, to more in-kind and service delivery on Saturday night's PreTour event -- and just a 100-percent neighborly, professional and can-do attitude at every step of planning for six months -- Giant Eagle and Dana delivered for the German Village Society.

Here's the kicker to this story: In 2013, Giant Eagle sold just under $15,000 worth of tickets to Haus und Garten Tour through all of its Central Ohio locations.

When we reminded Dana of that figure in January, she immediately set her personal goal 20-percent higher.

We've just tallied ticket totals for 2014 and I can tell you even that lofty goal was blown out of the water.

Giant Eagle stores delivered $25,000 in ticket sales this year, and that is just beyond anyone's highest expectations.

Completing the trifecta of top sponsors is WBNS-10TV and the Dispatch Media Group.

Thanks to the love for German Village of the media group's employees over several decades (Chris Bradley, Andrea Cambern, Tom Griesdorn, Jim Ressa just to name a few), we have enjoyed in-kind promotion and media coverage of Haus und Garten Tour for years that -- if we had to pay for it -- would total more than $20,000.

In October, fresh off serving as chairwoman of the 2013 Tour, 10TV anchor and German Village resident Kristyn Hartman helped connect me to new management at 10TV.

Kristyn LOVES this neighborhood, and she helped Dispatch companies understand why they should continue the love and partnership in 2014.

And boy did they (and she -- she was on Tour after all) deliver.

I hope you'll visit to see the full list of people, companies and sponsors who deserve our whole-hearted thanks.

If wasn't for limited column space, I could tell a truly inspiring story about each and every one of them.

And it takes each one to make 55 years of success. Thank you to them all.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column.