Yard waste collection in Grandview and Marble Cliff will begin Monday.

Yard waste collection in Grandview and Marble Cliff will begin Monday.

Service department crews will collect yard waste each Monday from April through the end of November. Yard waste will be picked up on Tuesdays when a holiday falls on a Monday.

Residents must appropriately bundle or place their yard waste in biodegradable paper bags. Yard waste should not be set out earlier than one hour prior to sunset on Sunday or on Mondays following a holiday.

Bundles and bags should be placed next to the alley or, if no alley exists, behind the curb at the street.

Tree limbs and shrubbery must be cut and bundled with twine or string only. Bundles should be no larger than two feet in diameter, four feet long and weigh no more than 50 pounds.

Grass and plant materials must be placed in paper bags, not exceeding a 30-gallon capacity or weighing more than 50 pounds.

Plastic or biodegradable plastics are not permitted and sod, soil or dirt-covered roots are not accepted.

A refuse container may be used for yard waste, but a "yard waste" sticker must be displayed. Stickers can by obtained by calling the service department at 488-4728.

Refuse containers holding yard waste cannot weigh more than 50 pounds and should not have limbs sticking out more than 12 inches above the top of the container.

The most common problem city crews face each spring is residents overloading their yard waste cans with more than 50 pounds of materials, street supervisor Steve McKnight said.

"We've had a lot of back injuries occur," he said. "We pick up yard waste from about 3,000 homes in Grandview and Marble Cliff and even if it's one can that's 50 pounds, that takes a lot of effort."

If a container has more than 50 pounds, the crew will place a sticker on the container to indicate why the yard waste has not been collected, McKnight said.

A copy of the rules and regulations is available at www.grandviewheights.org or at the service department office at 1525 Goodale Blvd.

The city will collect bulk items May 11-14. Items will be collected free of charge on residents' regular refuse collection day only.

Residents should place their bulk items near the alley or at the curb if they do not have alley pick-up service.

Small loose items should be placed inside containers for easier disposal.

Trash and metal items should be separated because each is taken in a different truck. No paint, oil, construction debris or hazardous material will be accepted.

"You can't tear up your bathroom and put all the pieces out and expect us to pick them up," McKnight said. "There are limits to what we'll take. Construction debris is a common problem."

For more information, call the service department.