The Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Historical Society has a new feature on its website that will be a touchdown for fans of the Grandview Heights High School football team.

The Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Historical Society has a new feature on its website that will be a touchdown for fans of the Grandview Heights High School football team.

The website now sports a historical record of GHHS football, including the score of every game played through 2007.

The document was compiled by Grandview area resident Rich Perrine, who has spent the last four years pouring through newspaper archives, old yearbooks and other resources to compile a historic record of central Ohio high school football.

"It's become kind of a hobby for me," Perrine said. "I just love high school football. It's kind of the last thing that doesn't get too overhyped. College football, OSU, they get all this publicity and that's good. But I think high school football has an atmosphere that just can't be beat."

Through his research, Perrine has compiled a document that includes the scores of every Grandview football game, playoff results, a record of games in which 60 points or more were scored, each year's record and coach and a list of every school the team has played.

His research of Grandview's football history uncovered "some fascinating nuggets," Perrine said.

In two seasons, 1924 and 1936, Grandview allowed only six points the entire year, he said. The 1924 team lost one game while the 1936 squad went undefeated.

Grandview and Upper Arlington played annual games from 1926 through 1965, Perrine said, and a game between the two squads was one of the first games broadcast on local radio.

Grandview Historical Society board member Tom DeMaria said the organization was thrilled when Perrine offered to provide his local football history.

"This community really supports its football team. It's a big part of the community," he said. "I think people are going to appreciate having the chance to look up a particular year, maybe when they were on the team or were in high school, and relive what happened that year."

Grandview is one of 17 schools for which Perrine has compiled a complete football record.

"Grandview was the first one I completed and the second was Upper Arlington," he said.

All told, Perrine said, he has compiled scores of about 46,000 games played by 115 high schools.

"There are still a lot of holes in my research," he said. "I'm still trying to track down a lot of information."

His complete record of Westerville football, including Westerville North and South high schools, is available at the Westerville Public Library.

Westerville appears to have been the first central Ohio school to play a football game, Perrine said.

The school played the Otterbein freshman team to a 6-6 tie in 1892.

"It's the earliest game I've been able to find," Perrine said. "There were only about 13 or 14 players on the Westerville team. One of the guys on the team was the school's athletic director."

His project was kicked off when he saw that the Upper Arlington High School football program listed each season's won-lost record in the school's history, he said.

"I saw that and I wondered what the scores were in all those games," Perrine said. "I started doing this research. I didn't really know what to expect, but I just found it really fascinating to look through all these old yearbooks and look up the newspaper archives at local libraries."

He said he was surprised to learn that Dublin has only played high school football since the mid-1940s.

"I thought they had been around forever," Perrine said.

Other schools, such as Canal Winchester, were playing football back in the 1920s, but had long periods when they did not field a team, he said.

Perrine said he would like to create a website where all the information he has compiled can be accessed by the public.

He has contacted the Ohio High School Athletic Association to let the organization know about its research.

The association only lists state football tournament results dating back to 1972 on its website, Perrine said.

"I think my research could be a nice addition to the information they already have," he said. "I think there would be some interest out there for all this data."

Anyone "who just wants to talk some high school football" or who thinks they might have game scores or season records he could use can contact Perrine at