Grandview Heights High School will have a new principal next year.

Grandview Heights High School will have a new principal next year.

It will also have a new principal's secretary.

Emily Klingensmith is retiring June 30 after 32 years working in the district, including the past 21 years in the high school office.

Even before being hired by the district, she served as a volunteer at what was then Edison Elementary.

"I started out volunteering in my daughter's classrooms, and I enjoyed it so much I began volunteering in another teacher's room," Klingensmith said.

"I just really enjoyed being around the students," she said.

That has never changed, Klingensmith said.

"It's the students and the wonderful staff we have here," she said. "They have made this job so much fun."

Klingensmith first worked as a teacher's aide in fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade classrooms, then as an office assistant at Edison.

But she has most enjoyed working at the high school, she said.

"The high school students are so wonderful," Klingensmith said. "They've always been so nice and well-behaved, and they have a great sense of humor at that age."

Because Grandview is so small, she has had a chance to get to know most of the students, especially during their senior year.

"I work with the senior class with graduation each year," Klingensmith said. "It's always so emotional watching them graduate."

Her job often has involved being more than just a school secretary, she said.

"Sometimes there's a little bit of being sort of a mother figure for the kids," Klingensmith said. "Sometimes you can be there to help them with a problem they may be having."

Grandview is a special district, she said.

"It's the closeness you feel to the staff and the students," Klingensmith said. "It's like one big family."

Over the past 21 years, she has worked under six principals. But the most rewarding part of her job has been the students, Klingensmith said.

"Watching them grow up and interacting with them, I'll miss that," she said.