Grandview Heights High School students are wearing all sorts of unusual outfits this week.

Grandview Heights High School students are wearing all sorts of unusual outfits this week.

The school's celebration of homecoming has included a different theme for each day, as selected by student council, and students were invited to dress up in clothing befitting each day's theme.

"It's fun to see what ideas the students come up with," said Kevin McCarthy, who serves as student council co-adviser with Jo Lee.

"I think each year's student council wants to put their own stamp on homecoming week," he said.

Monday was Country Western Day, when students could wear cowboy hats, flannel shirts and other Wild West apparel.

Tuesday was Dog vs. Cat Day, which allowed students to dress up in support of their favorite household pet.

Wednesday was Cultural Celebration Day, in which students could wear clothing that reflected a culture in which they have interest.

"The French and Spanish club students were particularly eager to have this day," McCarthy said.

Today's theme is '80s Movies Day.

"I think everybody has their favorite movie from that decade, so it will be interesting to see what movie characters we see showing up," McCarthy said.

Today also is Mr. Irresistible Day, a Grandview High School homecoming tradition in which male students compete to get as many girls to talk to them during the day as possible.

The girls are given beaded necklaces, and any time they talk to a boy for non-academic reasons, they must give him a bead. The male student with the most beads at the end of the day is named Mr. Irresistible.

"Some of the guys will be trying really hard to get girls to talk to them," McCarthy said.

Tonight, student will decorate the halls. Each class has selected a cable television channel, such as the Cartoon Network or Game Show Network, and will decorate a hall to reflect that channel.

Friday will be Dress as Your Hall Day.

A count of participating students in each day's theme will be made. Daily prizes will be given to the class with the most participants and a grand prize to the class that has the most participants throughout the week, McCarthy said.

The homecoming queen and king will be announced Friday, Oct. 5, just before the football game against Berne Union.

The members of the 2012 homecoming court are Mia Bell, Maureen Flanagan, Erica Jackson, Lauren Jones, Lindsey Smith, Zach Clemens, Alex Cochran, Ben Farynowski, Payton Jones and Nick Tittel.

A homecoming king has been crowned along with a queen for the past three years.

"I think when it was just girls in the homecoming court, there was a feeling that it was too much like a pageant," McCarthy said. "Maybe too big of a deal was being made of it. Having the guys involved makes it more inclusive."

The homecoming parade will begin at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 5 on Oakland Avenue. It will proceed south on Oakland to First, east on First to Grandview Avenue, north on Grandview to Third Avenue and west on Third back to Oakland.

Math teacher Steve Hall will serve as grand marshal.

Hall was selected as grand marshal in recognition of his selection as the district's 2011-12 Teacher of the Year, McCarthy said.

The week's activities will wrap up with the homecoming dance from 8 to 11 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 6, in the middle school commons, he said.

McCarthy and Lee are serving their first year as student council co-advisers.

"It's a great group of students, some of the real leaders of this school," McCarthy said. "It's a pleasure to work with such an outstanding group of students who do so much for their school."