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Moment in time

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The campaign trail brought then-Vice President George H. W. Bush back to his Marble Cliff roots in May 1988. The former home of his grandfather, Samuel Bush, was built in 1908 and was sold in 1929 to Anna Dodge Dillman, the former wife of Horace Dodge of the Dodge automotive family. She purchased it as a residence for the family of her new husband, actor Hugh Dillman. She later sold the home to the Carmalite nuns (pictured). Bush's visit to the St. Raphael Home for the Aged recaptured days spent at the Marble Cliff residence at 1550 Roxbury Road. In the photo, Sister Maureen Hughes and several other nuns wave to the vice president as his motorcade pulls away from St. Raphael's. The home was later sold and restored with condos added to form Prescott Place.