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Moment in time

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This copy of the 1927 announcement for "Get Acquainted Day" at the Emerald Confectionery was discovered last month by a Grandview resident who was renovating a house. It had fallen and was wedged between the plaster wall and the baseboard in the living room of the old home. The Emerald, owned by D.A. McKeever, was an eatery located on First Avenue in Grandview; at one time it was housed in the building at 1520 W. First Ave., just west of the Masonic Hall at the corner of First and Grandview Avenue. It later moved a block west to 1614 (in what became the parking lot of Grandview Middle School), and in 1930 or 1931, it moved to Upper Arlington, in the shopping strip across from the fire station at the central square. The restaurant was known throughout the area for its comfort food, including steaks and fried chicken, as well as its signature gingerbread.