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Moment in time

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In 1930, the village of Grandview, with a population of 4,500, was not yet incorporated as a city. The radio cruiser pictured here in 1937 was a great step forward in providing village services. "Old Number 1," as the first cruiser was called, put in force a new idea of police protection with use of the portable radio equipment introduced shortly before by the Columbus Police Department. Lt. William Reed, chief of the Grandview force and then village marshal, along with officer I.N. Neff (in the cruiser) had previously used their own automobiles to patrol the streets. The rapid growth of the villages of Marble Cliff and Grandview required second and third cruisers and another patrolman, R.E. Hall. The police force was put to good use. By 1937, two Grandview intersections were found by a Works Progress Administration survey to have the heaviest traffic in the suburbs. By this time, Grandview had evolved from a hamlet to a village to a city with a police force, firefighters and a new municipal building.