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Cardinals perched in library's tree represent special folks


The Grandview Heights Public Library's Remembrance Tree is a holiday tradition that supports the library and provides a meaningful way to honor someone special.

"It's an opportunity for our patrons to either honor someone or memorialize a special person they have lost by buying an ornament for the tree," said Connie Frecker, the library's public relations associate.

The tree is located in the atrium and already is filling up with ornaments.

Grandview resident Nancy Kukla designed and handmade around 150 cardinal ornaments for this year's Remembrance Tree project, Frecker said.

"This is the fourth year Nancy has donated her time and effort to make these wonderful ornaments," she said. "Each one takes Nancy an hour to finish. She even works on them when she's visiting family in Ireland. She starts working on the ornaments long before the holiday season.

"It really shows her support for the library that she volunteers to do all this work each year," Frecker said. "Each year she comes up with a different design."

The library asks for a minimum donation of $15 for one ornament and $25 for two, she said.

A $200 donation purchases four ornaments and an individual lifetime membership to the Friends of the Library; a $250 donation buys five ornaments and a family lifetime membership.

Most people hang their ornament on the Remembrance Tree and make arrangements to retrieve it after the holidays at the library or to have the library mail it to them, Frecker said.

"Or if you want to take it home right away and hang it on your own tree, that's fine, too," she said.

Order forms are located throughout the library and also can be found at the library's website,

Ornament orders have come from as far away as Massachusetts, Texas and California, Frecker said.

"People may move away from Grandview, but they still have a special feeling for the Grandview library," she said.

Proceeds from the Remembrance Tree project benefit the library's endowment fund or support expenses not covered in the library's budget, Frecker said.