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Moment in time

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As the Highlander of 1931 documents the history and prophecy of the class of 1931, post-high school life was looming for all the graduates-to-be. They willed their talents to fellow schoolmates. They performed in The Swan and The Queen's Husband . They had their baby pictures and class pictures in the yearbook, which was then called the "annual." They had a Thrift Club whose object was "to increase the number of accounts in the school bank and to promote regularity in banking." Along with the usual sports such as football and basketball, they participated in track, swimming and tennis, and won the first Central Buckeye League Championship in golf. The Girls' Athletic Association sponsored tennis, hockey, basketball, table tennis, foul shooting, volleyball, baseball and track. The calendar of the class of 1930-31 had the usual social events, starting with the choosing of the first homecoming queen (pictured). Bonnie Jean Martin was an athlete, an officer of the freshman class, a singer in the chorus of Why the Chimes Rang and was in the cast of The Swan . She was a member of the L.A.L. Sorority. Bonnie Jean, nicknamed "Johnny," resides in Upper Arlington in the same house she has lived in for 70 years. She has 10 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren. She was born Nov. 29, 1913, and will turn 99 this month.