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Geographical prowess scores wins for Edison pair


Fifth-grader Calvin Horning and sixth-grader Martina Moncolova proved their knowledge of the world by winning the geography bees held last Thursday, Dec. 6, at Edison Intermediate/Middle School.

Horning won the bee held for fourth- and fifth-graders and Bergmann won the competition among students in grades 6-8.

It was the second consecutive year Calvin has won the Edison bee.

"It was exciting, but not as much as the first time I won," he said. "I felt a lot more comfortable and confident this time out."

Geography is his favorite subject at school.

"I just like how it's all about the world and how the world is very different wherever you go," Calvin said. "Studying about the natural beauty of the world is my favorite part of geography."

He said he is particularly interested in visiting Norway to see its fjords and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Martina said her interest in geography has been sparked in part by the number of European countries she and her family have visited, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Croatia.

"I think traveling to so many places helped me with the geography bee," she said. "I'm familiar with them and their climate in case a question about them comes up. I did get questions that related to places I've been."

During her family's trip to Europe two years ago, Martina most enjoyed visiting Croatia because of the Roman temples found there, and Slovakia, "because that is my parents' homeland."

She said her family is contemplating a trip to Hawaii and she would like to travel to Africa someday.

The two Edison winners and other local geography bee champions will take a test to qualify for the state bee, which will be held in April.

Only the top 100 students will qualify for the state bee.

The winner of the Ohio bee will participate in the National Geographic Bee. The competition will be held in May in Washington, D.C., and will offer $50,000 in scholarship prizes.