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Grandview's 2013 capital improvement plans revving up


The tangible benefits of voters' passage of last fall's city operating levy, the city's successful sale of bonds and grant awards were presented Monday night, Jan. 7, to Grandview Heights City Council.

Council held a first reading of an ordinance to appropriate a little more than $2.1 million to purchase equipment and make capital improvements in 2013.

The sources of revenue for the projects includes the $250,000 in annual funds for street improvements as part of the levy package and the city's sale late last year of about $2.8 million in bonds.

The ordinance would give the nod to projects totaling $292,900 out of the city's general improvement fund, including $110,000 to purchase a pickup truck for the street department and fund a traffic-calming and urban-design study.

Other capital expenditures earmarked from the general improvement fund include purchasing a staff car and a device that firefighters and medics can insert into a patient's larynx to address airway issues, $41,500; two police cruisers, $64,400; two heavy-equipment vehicles for the sanitation department, $45,000; and the lease of ballfield lights for Pierce Field, $32,000.

Projects at Wyman Woods and Pierce Field totaling about $1.75 million also are included in the ordinance. These projects will include the construction of a new multipurpose building at Pierce Field and a playground, fencing and court improvements at the park. The projects at Wyman will include work to address flooding issues at the park and improvements to the shelter house.

The ordinance includes an additional appropriation of $101,150 from the Wyman Woods fund to help pay for the shelter house improvements. That total includes the $100,000 donated to the city by W.W. Williams Co.

The appropriations from the street improvement fund include $100,000 for street repairs and $2,500 for street signs.

The legislation was assigned to council's finance committee. Mayor Ray DeGraw said he would provide more details about this year's proposed capital improvements at the committee's next meeting.