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Details coming together in parks improvements


As Grandview Heights City Council considers legislation to appropriate the funds to allow projects at Pierce Field and Wyman Woods to proceed, the city's Parks and Recreation Advisory Board voted last Thursday, Jan. 10, to make recommendations on which firms should provide engineering and construction management services.

The board recommended the city move forward with engineering for planned improvements to address flooding issues at Wyman Woods and hire EMH&T to provide those services at a cost of $37,700.

EMH&T already has worked with the city to develop a plan to use an underground stormwater drainage system at Wyman Woods.

An above-ground naturalized infiltration basin also was considered, but would have required much more maintenance than the underground system, Parks and Recreation Director Sean Robey said in an interview.

EMH&T also would provide engineering for other elements of the Wyman Woods projects, including adding a turnaround to the parking lot, he said.

The parks board is recommending the city use Meyers and Associates to provide design and building spec services as part of a project to make improvements to the shelter house at the park.

The city plans to add heating and insulation to make the shelter house suitable for year-round use, and also will install ADA-accessible restrooms and add a kitchen.

The parks board also recommended hiring Meyers to serve as construction manager for the project to construct a new multipurpose building and new Ox Roast pit at Pierce Field.

"Meyers worked with us to come up with the design for the building at Pierce, so it makes sense to have them serve as construction manager, since they obviously know all the details about the design," Robey said.

The city has not yet discussed with Meyers what its fee for the construction manager services would be, he said.

It is likely that agreements with the two firms would need approval only of the city's board of control and would not need council's nod, because they would provide professional services that fall below a cost threshold, Robey said.

"We're looking into that to make sure that is the case," he said.

Unless it turns out the services must be put out to bid, Robey said he would like to seek board of control approval next month after council approves the legislation appropriating funds for the park projects and other capital improvements.

If all goes as planned, bids for the Pierce Field building project could be accepted in March with construction starting in the spring and completed in time for the Ox Roast in September, he said.

The Ox Roast pit will be kept in the same location instead of being moved closer to the new building, Robey said.

"The old one is falling apart, but the Bobcat Boosters decided they would like to keep the new one in the same place," he said. "It's the best location to accommodate the crowd for the lighting ceremony and they were worried about the potential fire hazard of having the pit too close to the building."

It would likely take EMH&T two or three months to complete engineering for the Wyman Woods project, and construction likely would take place this fall, Robey said.

The leftover money from the city's sale of bonds for the parks projects likely will be used for improvements to the municipal pool.

The parks board will tour the pool in mid-March as it considers potential recommendations for improvements, Robey said.

Robey said it is sometimes hard for him to believe that the long-planned park improvements actually are going to happen.

"I tell people to pinch me so I know it's real," he said. "It's been a long time since we've been able to something of this scope. It's really exciting."