Grandview Heights City Council met Saturday, Jan. 26, to set its goals for 2013.

Grandview Heights City Council met Saturday, Jan. 26, to set its goals for 2013.

Mayor Ray DeGraw also presented an overview of the administration's goals and projects for the coming year during the council retreat.

The number of goals council set was smaller than in past years, as council members agreed to focus on objectives that were more in sync with their role and responsibilities.

"We need to think of functions we do that make sense to have as initiatives and that we as a council can actually implement and accomplish," council member Milt Lewis said.

In some cases, Lewis said, some of the goals set by council seem to be more-administrative functions.

In recent years, council has set two dozen or more goals.

"On some, not a lot was accomplished and others that should have been done didn't get completed," council President Steve Reynolds said.

"I want us to focus on goals that are achievable and in line with what we see as council's function."

The goals retained from last year are:

* Review TIF projections and incentives reporting, develop fiscal goals and policies and mainstream the planning and financial process related to the Grandview Yard project.

* Consider zoning legislation regarding big-box projects. This issue may be looming with the Wagenbrenner Co.'s plans to redevelop the Kaplin Tract.

* Develop green building guidelines and guidelines for sustainable development.

New goals set for 2013 are:

* Develop a communications strategy.

* Develop a strategy for deciding what components should be included in the civic space at the Yard.

* Work with the administration on a community plan update.

* Determine the city's financial responsibility for Yard infrastructure.

* Execute the components of the plan for improvements to Pierce Field and Wyman Woods.

* Formalize a financial plan for the city.

* Look at ways to address the city's aging infrastructure.

Some of council's new goals dovetail with the administration's objectives for the year, and DeGraw said council's assistance will be needed to get some of his team's goals accomplished.

He asked for a council representative to participate in the administration's goals regarding the community plan update, the Yard civic space, Commerce District plan update, implementing the park improvement projects and working with the parks board on contracts and studies regarding potential pool improvements and grant opportunities.

Other upcoming projects and legislative issues for the administration listed by DeGraw included a possible joint development agreement with Columbus on the redevelopment of the Kaplin Tract, negotiating a water contract with Columbus and updating building department fees.

Negotiations for a new contract with police officers also will take place this year, he said.

The city will look to expand regional purchasing or cooperative partnerships with other municipalities, DeGraw said.

Grandview has received two grants to fund studies of the feasibility of a multijurisdiction healthcare pool and whether the city's police department could use its second radio channel to provide dispatching services to other communities, he said.