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Moment in time

John E. Hussey is pictured with his wife Margaret in 1957 on Catalina Island, the year before her death. They had been married for 68 years (their wedding photo from 1889 is inset).

Hussey was one of the first owners and builders in the Gladdington Heights subdivision, laid out by J.R. Tilton just before the turn of the 20th century.

Hussey purchased lots 505 and 506 and built his home at what is now 1367 Wyandotte Road.

Among his contributions was the founding of First Community Church. He attended the Columbus Art School (now Columbus College of Art and Design), graduating in 1885, and then spent more than 25 years teaching drawing and design and serving as director and curator of the school.

He was a founding member of the Pen and Pencil Club and the first chairman of the Columbus Art League.

In 1920, he was asked to take the position of "assistant in horticulture" at Ohio State University, and he spent 26 years in that capacity. Hussey beautified the campus, designed campus gardens and developed OSU's nursery.

He also fashioned the first model of Ohio Stadium to carry out the ideas of the building committee.

A lifelong watercolorist, he had frequent exhibitions around Columbus. A hiking enthusiast, Hussey attributed his long life to his love of the outdoors. He died in November 1969 at the age of 105.