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New venue sees gala's biggest crowd


A record number of people attended this year's Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Education Foundation Gala.

The fundraising event, which was held for the first time at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion in the Arena District, drew 291 people Saturday, Feb. 2.

"People really enjoyed the new venue. We heard nothing but favorable comments," said Elaine Broderick, who served as co-chairwoman of the gala with Sharla Thomas and Janet Callison. "Everybody was up and dancing to the Reaganomics. It was a great atmosphere for the gala.

"I think the LC helped draw some new people to the gala," Broderick said. "I saw some new faces."

A final tally of how much money was raised this year is still to be determined, she said.

This year, the foundation sold tickets to the gala through BidPal, a wireless online bidding, donation and payment processing system.

At the gala, attendees could submit their bids for auction items using BidPal.

"That seemed to go really well," Broderick said. "People got the hang of it pretty quickly and we had National Honor Society members there to help people if they needed it."

A handheld device provided by BidPal was preloaded with information about each auction item, put on display in the LC's balcony area, and bids could be made at any time, anywhere at the gala via personal smartphones.

"It made it more convenient," Broderick said.

The gala serves as the main fundraiser for the foundation, which awards grants to pay for programs and expenses not covered in the school district budget.

"We get grant applications throughout the year," Broderick said.

The foundation board will next meet to consider grant applications in March, she said.