As Don M. Casto's new development on Grandview Avenue began to fill with retail stores, James Cardi was among the first to rent space in the historic Bank Block. He is listed in the 1928 Columbus directory as James Cardi, barber.

In an early newspaper ad (shown above), the shop advertised expert hair care for every member in the family.

Cardi worked with his brother until 1967, when the business was sold to Tony Bonaventura.

Soon, Bob Tittle and Doug Phelps were brought in to the shop as barbers. In 1974, Bonaventura turned the ownership of the business over to Phelps, and it continued, adding Brenda Geygan and Kathie Swanson. The women who relate that early history say the shop was referred to as the "Bobbie Shop." After 30 years in the hair-care business on Grandview Avenue, the shop is now called the Village Squire Barber Shop (inset).