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Library's electronic resources are growing more popular

In April, library highlighting its services variety


Students who want to take advantage of the Grandview Heights Public Library's resources to help them with their homework can do it at home using their own personal computer or tablet.

"We offer a variety of digital resources which people can access through our website (," said teen librarian Jennifer Lawson.

"Some of the services require you to have a library card and PIN, but others don't," she said. "Even if you need a library card, you can use these resources even if you have a fine on your card."

The library has offered these services for several years, Lawson said, but "we've wanted to shine a spotlight on them."

Edison Intermediate/Middle School's April newsletter includes information from the library about some of the digital resources, she said.

One of the most useful for students is the free online homework help made possible by the library's subscription to

"This service gives you online access to vetted tutors in a number of subjects, including math, science and reading," Lawson said. "You're able to get connected to a tutor who can help guide you through your homework assignment."

The service is available from 3 to 11 p.m. daily, she said.

Grandview is one of only two Ohio libraries that offer service, Lawson said.

"I don't know why more libraries don't offer the service," she said. "At Grandview, we always try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology."

Technology-based services are especially popular with younger library patrons, Lawson said.

"That's the world they're living in," she said. "It's a lot different from when I was in school and you went to the library and looked something up in a book."

Other resources include Scholastic's FreedomFlix, which offers digital versions of Scholastic nonfiction books.

The service includes audio to go with the text version of each book, as well as introductory videos and access to related websites, Lawson said.

"It helps make learning history more fun," she said. "You can follow along in the text version of a book while you're listening to the audio version, so it can help students improve their reading skills."

TumbleBook Cloud Junior is an online collection of eBooks, graphic novels, audio books and videos aimed at students in grades 2-6.

This resource also helps strengthen reading skills by offering a read-along option with sentence-by-sentence highlighting, Lawson said.

Students (and their parents) who wish to learn another language can use the Mango Languages service, which offers basic and advanced lessons in nearly 50 languages.