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Local family safe following bombings at Boston Marathon


Monday's Marble Cliff Village Council meeting was impacted in two ways by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

First, council members arrived for the meeting were concerned about the well-being of Fiscal Officer Cindy McKay, who traveled with her husband, Ken Frick, to watch their son, Kevin Frick, run in the marathon.

Village Engineer Louis McFarland said he was able to reach McKay by phone late Monday afternoon and she and her family are fine. Kevin Frick finished the marathon well before the explosions occurred and the family was back at their hotel when the incident took place.

Second, Franklin County Emergency Management Agency Director Michael Pannell was scheduled to attend the council meeting to discuss why the village is financially responsible for needed improvements to the control panel on the county emergency warning siren located at Our Lady of Victory Church.

Pannell called Council President David Roark and asked if he could be excused from the meeting. Pannell reported the EMA's phone lines were jammed with calls, Roark said, "and you could tell people were concerned."

Council will reschedule Pannell's appearance.

McKay reported earlier this year the purchase of a new control panel is expected to cost about $5,200.