It was the fourth year of World War II and students helped with the Ration Board during school hours. Officers were selected for each class and those elected attended the Leaders Club meetings.

The high school band played for the football games, special events and dances. Homecoming queen Ann Harrold ruled with her court on a near-perfect day with the Grandview football team taking the game from Westerville, 12-0.

The class plays performed were Spring Fever and Tiger House. The marching band and orchestra, along with the boys and girls choruses, were the music-makers for the year.

Lowell Riley was director of the boys glee club and girls chorus.

The song Serenade in Blue was performed by the girls chorus and won such acclaim at the USO performance that the chorus was asked to repeat it at Lockbourne Air Base.

As spring and graduation days approached, the students of 1945 kissed the snow goodbye and welcomed flowers and future warmer days while singing praises such as, "You'll find us eager and ready, earnest and steady" and "Let mirth and gladness banish all sadness, let gladness the moments prolong."