The house at 2041 W. Third Ave. in Marble Cliff is notable for its spaciousness and stability of ownership.

The house at 2041 W. Third Ave. in Marble Cliff is notable for its spaciousness and stability of ownership.

"There have been only two families that have owned the house since it was built 103 years ago," said Brian Kuyper, who will serve as house captain when the residence opens for tours on Mother's Day during the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Historical Society's 2013 Tour of Homes.

"That's pretty unusual," he said of the low turnover.

"I'm in real estate, and maybe I look at things differently, but what's attractive to me about this house is the floor plan," Kuyper said. "The floor plan is very open and could be very popular (on the market) today. The house was done in a Arts and Crafts design, which is coming back in favor again."

There is a lot of space throughout the house, except for the small kitchen, he said.

The house was built in 1910 for Howard and Gertrude Auld.

Mrs. Auld was a cousin of noted artist George Bellows, a Columbus native. Two of the three homes on this year's Tour of Homes were built by members of the Bellows family.

Howard Auld was president of the D.L. Auld Co.

"They developed the snap-on fastener used to affix emblems on automobiles," Kuyper said. "It became a very large business because their company did most of the car emblems at the time, including for Ford and Chevrolet."

The rooms throughout the house "are terrific, including the living room and a beautiful family room with glass windows looking out over the tennis courts," he said.

Among the notable architectural features in the house are arched doorways and casement windows made with leaded glass, Kuyper said.

The house was included in the historical society's 2001 Tour of Homes, but those who visited the home then shouldn't pass up another visit this year, he said.

"The third floor will be open this year, unlike the last time. (Current owners) Dow and Brenda Voelker have really fixed up the third floor," Kuyper said.

Dirk and Sharon Voelker purchased the home from the Auld family in 1964 and the present owners purchased the home in 2000.

One of the conditions the Aulds enforced when they sold the house to the Voelkers was that they had to keep an ornate decorative mirror, Kuyper said.

"Dirk and Sharon and later Dow and Brenda have kept that mirror," he said.

"It's obvious that mirror was important to the Aulds," said Jill Kuyper, who is assisting her husband with the plans to open the house for tours.

A feature that remains in the kitchen is the original "ice box" owned by the Aulds, Brian Kuyper said.

Large blocks of ice were placed in the ice box to keep food cold, he said.

The appliance still works, although it was converted decades ago to electricity, Kuyper said.

When touring the living room, visitors should look for the National Geographic maps hanging on the wall behind book shelves, he said.

"The Aulds put those up, although I'm not sure why," Kuyper said. "They would easily be overlooked unless you were looking for them."

Jill Kuyper said one of her favorite design details about the house is the second-floor cantilevering in the southeast corner over the first-floor back door.

"It's just such an unusual feature," she said.

Both Voelker owners have maintained most of the original elements of the house, Jill Kuyper said.

"They've made few changes," she said.

The home will be one of three Marble Cliff residences that will be open to visitors from 1 to 4 p.m. Mother's Day, May 12. The historical society presents its Tour of Homes every three years.

Other homes included on the tour are at 1430 Cambridge Blvd. and 1449 Arlington Ave.

In keeping with the George Bellows theme, this year's tour will include the atrium of Trinity United Methodist Church, 1581 Cambridge Blvd., where the historical society and the Columbus Museum of Art will present an exhibit and program on the artist.

The cost of the tour is $10 and tickets can be purchased at any of the four sites.

This story is the first in a three-part series on the houses of the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Historical Society's 2013 Tour of Homes.