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Moment in time

Blanche Field is pictured here as she announced her return from Chicago after studying classical dance, toe, Oriental and character dancing. She had earlier graduated from the Louis H. Chalif School of Dancing in New York City. The Chalif school was one of the earliest schools in the United States to instruct teachers in dance. Miss Field was born in Grandview Heights in 1901, lived at 1138 Lincoln Road and graduated from Grandview Heights High School in 1919. Upon her return from Chicago, she opened her dance studio. She was already established as a dancer and local dramatic artist. She was known in Grandview for her home and the studio she built at 1714 First Ave., where she continued to teach dance and kindergarten classes until 1955. Her memories of Grandview playmates and the games they played are recorded in early letters to friends. Though they were separated in later years (Blanche retired to Florida), friends from Lincoln Road kept in touch through memories recorded in letters, newspaper clippings and pictures with names and dates that were saved in "memory books," which were common in that era.