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Planning commission OKs Yard's next phases


The Grandview Heights Planning Commission approved the final plats for the second and third phases of the Grandview Yard development June 19.

The plats were approved, although no one representing Nationwide Realty Investors, the Yard's developer, was present.

Building department secretary Gayna Gilbert told the commission she believed it was a miscommunication resulting from Director of Administration Patrik Bowman having to leave town due to a family matter.

Phase 2 will include the Giant Eagle store on the north side of Third Avenue, which is expected to open later this year.

The commission approved the preliminary plat for Phase 2 in September 2010.

The preliminary plat was approved with a set of seven conditions relating to traffic concerns.

In his staff report, Bowman noted those conditions remain in force, and made specific mention of potential turning problems that may result from the proximity of the Burr Loop intersection with Burr Avenue.

The commission's approval of the final plat stated the seven conditions remain in effect and called for further review of the Burr Loop issue.

The preliminary plat for Phase 3 was approved in November 2011.

Construction of Phase 3 was put on hold while negotiations with Capital Wholesale continued for a right of way/land exchange.

That agreement was finalized last month and would allow the business to remain operating at 873 Williams Ave. Capital Wholesale and NRI will exchange land and each will build a parking lot under the agreement.

The city will reimburse Capital for the parking spaces the business is entitled to lease from NRI and will enact a number of vacations, including Higgs Avenue and a small portion of Williams Avenue.

City Council has been presented legislation to approve the city's agreements with Capital and NRI, the vacations of Higgs and Williams, and the final plat for Phase 3, but would not vote until the planning commission gave its approval to the final plat.

Council member Susan Jagers, council's representative on the planning commission, said it is likely council will vote on the legislation at its meeting Monday, July 1.

The commission gave its approval to the final plat for Phase 3 with the conditions that traffic issues be reviewed and that NRI provide clarification about where and how much public space will be deeded to the city.

The initial indication of where public land would be situated in the development has been removed from the revised final plat, planning commission member Tom Komlanc said.

"We all have to hit the reset button on where those spaces will be," he said.