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Classic recipes resurrected in church's cookbook


Our Lady of Victory Church will publish a new edition of the family cookbook the church produced in 1997.

The project will serve as a fundraiser for the youth ministry.

"Our idea is to make this a real family-oriented project," said youth minister Holly Jo Monnier. "Food and mealtimes are things that really bring families together."

The cookbook will include recipes submitted for the original edition as well as new dishes offered by current parishioners, she said.

"Most of the recipes we've received are for desserts and entrees, but we have a lot of different categories," Monnier said.

"I'm hoping we can get some recipes from children," she said. "In the original cookbook, kids wrote down their own recipes, even if it was for something simple like grilled cheese sandwiches."

The new cookbook will use the chapter titles used in the original edition:

•In the Beginning (Appetizers).

•"Bless" These Breads (and Breakfasts).

•Soups and Salads "for the Soul."

•"Virtuous" Vegetables.

•Heaven "Meats" Earth (Main Dishes).

•"Praise" for Pasta.

•Cookie and Candy "Confessions."

•"Divinely Inspired" Desserts.

•Miscellaneous "Miracles."

"We're going to go ahead and copy the chapter titles because they are so clever," Monnier said.

She said she also plans to include a history of the parish and a chapter about Our Lady's religious education program in the cookbook.

"We'll also be having as many photos as we can," Monnier said.

She said she'd like to have the book published by fall.

"We're planning to sell the book at our church festival in August and I hope we can have some sample copies by then," she said.

The cookbooks will cost $20 each with proceeds going to support the church's youth group.

The church is working with Friends and Family Cookbook Publishers to produce the book.

Copies can be ordered directly from Monnier via email to or by calling 614-390-8653.