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Grandview Heights High School principal named; district leadership whole


The administrative team for the Grandview Heights City School District is now complete with the selection of new principals for Grandview Heights High School and Stevenson Elementary School.

The school board voted Monday, July 8, to approve Superintendent Ed O'Reilly's recommendation to hire Worthington McCord Middle School Assistant Principal Ken Chaffin as the high school's leader.

On July 2, the board approved the hiring of Angela Ullum as Stevenson principal.

Chaffin also has served as assistant principal at Piqua High School and as an intervention specialist at Marysville High School.

O'Reilly said Chaffin stood out as a candidate because of his strong background and depth in the areas of instructional leadership, special education and staff development and a dedication to serving students.

Chaffin replaces Dawn Sayre, who will become principal at Heritage Middle School in Hilliard, the district where she has spent most of her career.

The Hilliard school board was expected to vote Tuesday, July 9, to hire Sayre, and Chaffin's stint with Grandview will start the next day in the form of up to 10 transition days during July, O'Reilly said. The effective date of his employment under the contract is Aug. 1.

The Grandview board approved a two-year contract with Chaffin that will pay him an annual salary of $99,500.

The board also will pay Chaffin for the transition days at a per diem rate of $382.69.

He will be provided group health and medical insurance benefits offered to other administrators in the district, but may waive the coverage for the duration of his contract and receive a stipend of $4,000 per contract year.

There was a possibility Grandview would have had to select an interim principal for the high school, because after July 10, school districts do not have to release administrators who are under contract.

"We got a number of applicants and had a shorter window of time than normal," O'Reilly said. "Fortunately, we had a high caliber of candidates."

Chaffin was a finalist for the high school position along with Aric Thomas, high school principal in the Groveport Madison Local School District.

Ullum's two-year contract also will begin Aug. 1.

She will be paid $94,000 a year.

The board will pay Ullum for up to five transition days at a per diem rate of $361.54.

Like Chaffin, she will be able to receive a $4,000 stipend if she chooses to waive health and medical insurance coverage offered by the district.

Ullum has served the past two school years as assistant principal at Barrington Elementary School in Upper Arlington. Before that, she was an elementary instructional specialist at UA's Greensview Elementary School.