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Details of 'new' Wyman Woods shelter house OK'd


Grandview Heights Parks Advisory Board members last week gave their general approval of the preliminary design plans for the renovation of the Wyman Woods shelter house.

Architect Pete Scott of Meyers and Associates reviewed the concepts for the preliminary design at the board's July 11 meeting.

"Our approach is not a demolition of the building, but dressing up what's there," Scott said.

The building's bathrooms will be redesigned to give them two stalls and make them compliant with regulations for accessibility, he said. The restrooms will have both exterior and interior entrances.

A small kitchen area with a refrigerator, counters, a sink and space for a microwave oven will be built, Scott said.

Inside the building, the floors would be cleaned up, cracks sealed and the ceiling repainted, he said.

The exterior features of the building would be enhanced to make the shelter house more compatible with, but not the same as, the new building being constructed at Pierce Field, Scott said.

The most-significant change to the building will be the installation of barn-style sliding glass doors to replace the existing "garage" doors, he said.

"You always feel like you're in a garage" with the current doors, which also don't let in much light, Scott said.

"Right now, it can get pretty dark inside the building when the doors are closed," he said.

Originally, officials considered making the Wyman Woods shelter house a year-round facility, but the idea now is to consider it as a building that would be used nine or 10 months out of the year, Parks and Recreation Director Sean Robey said.

The amount of use the building likely would get during the coldest months of the year would not justify the additional cost and loss of the structure's character, board member John Evans said.

The picnic tables now in the shelter likely would be replaced, perhaps with round banquet tables with stacked or folding chairs, Robey said.

Next year will mark the shelter house's 60th anniversary, so the city will be able to combine a grand reopening with an anniversary celebration, he said.

Work on renovating the Wyman Woods shelter house is expected to take place later this year.

Robey said work at Pierce Field is continuing and the project is expected to be completed in September.

The playground is expected to be ready for students when school opens in August, he said.