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Clinton Township campaigns for JEDZ passage

Agreement with Grandview could bring in cash for both municipalities if voters OK it


Along with an uncontested City Council race and the school board election, Grandview Heights city officials will be paying attention to the results from Clinton Township on Election Night.

Township residents will vote on whether to approve a contract with the city to create a joint economic development zone.

Grandview City Council and township trustees already have given their approval to the proposed 30-year agreement, in which Grandview and Clinton Township would share the proceeds from the 2.5-percent income tax levied on businesses located in the township. The city would administer and collect its 2.5-percent income tax from the businesses.

After administrative and collection expenses are paid, the township would receive 80 percent and the city 20 percent of the net proceeds from the income tax.

On Oct. 7, council approved the Cooperative Economic Development Agreement that outlines the city's and township's roles under the JEDZ agreement.

Township trustees are expected to approved the CEDA on Oct. 28, Vice Chairman Carl Reardon said.

The revenue the JEDZ agreement will generate "will help us with our services and infrastructure," Reardon said. "It's a good way to turn the township around. It's getting a little long in the tooth."

The additional revenue would be especially helpful, given the reduction in money coming from the state's local government fund, he said.

The other benefit the agreement would bring is the partnership between the city and township to encourage business retention and expansion within the township, Reardon said.

"I like what Grandview's done in the Grandview Yard area and we're excited about the expertise that (Director of Administration/Economic Development) Pat Bowman and Mayor (Ray) DeGraw can provide us," he said.

The partnership makes sense given the township's proximity to Grandview, especially its west side, DeGraw said. Clinton Township comprises several discontinuous sections, including the Lennox Town Center area, the Northern Lights area and a stretch of Cooke Road just east of Interstate 71.

"We have some common interests in economic development and we've had some good discussions on how we can work together," he said.

The agreement also would provide additional revenue for the city, although DeGraw said he could not speculate on how much money Grandview would earn from the JEDZ.

"Obviously, it's something both sides believe they will benefit from," he said.

In the township, "we've had a number of people going door to door explaining the importance of the agreement," Reardon said. "That's been kind of our campaign."

Most township residents he has spoken to seem to be appreciative and supportive of the JEDZ, he said.

"I'm optimistic it will pass, although you never take anything for granted," Reardon said.