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Moment in time

Summer 2013 was relatively free of damaging storms in central Ohio, but Grandview residents in 1987 weren't so lucky.

Accounts of the storm of Aug. 3, 1987, ran high. Mayor David Dudley declared a state of emergency. Every department head was on hand and the service department called out every available person.

Help came from all corners to put the city back together. The storm struck the Grandview/Marble Cliff area a little after midnight Aug. 3. Spectacular displays of lightning hitting trees and power lines exploding were described by residents.

One resident awoken by the thunder and lightning, Bill Swager of 1410 Arlington Ave., said he went to the window "just in time to see the big oak fall in stroboscopic slow motion. The frequent flashes of lightning caused the strobe effect." Daylight brought images of damage such as these pictured here.

Trees fell on cars, houses were damaged and more than a dozen streets in Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff were closed. There were serious losses at the Grandview Municipal Building with radio damage to fire and police equipment.

As of 8:30 p.m. Aug. 3, more than 1,000 residents were still without electricity. Parks and Recreation Director David Groth said more than 100 trees were knocked down or damaged. Neighbors aided the city with volunteer help and chain saws to clear up the damage. Medics on hand reported no serious injuries.