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OSU students' ideas for Marble Cliff run gamut

Architecture students' project aims to improve village's image, business district


Students from Ohio State University's Knowlton School of Architecture on Oct. 21 presented Marble Cliff Village Council with some preliminary suggestions from the studio project they are conducting with the village as its subject.

The studio project is a requirement for students majoring in city and regional planning and is designed to give the students real-world experience after completing their classes.

"Some of their ideas are far out and some are practical," Jack Nasar, professor in the school's department of city and regional planning, told council. "We are giving you the full range" of ideas.

The studio has identified several goals that will be addressed in its final report, including:

* Improve Marble Cliff's identity.

Students suggested the village create a Frank Packard architectural path with signs that would guide people to all of the noted architect's homes in Marble Cliff.

They also said the village should complete its bike path and connect it to the city of Columbus' path.

Another suggestion was to add banners and Marble Cliff logos on Fifth Avenue and Dublin Road as well as aesthetically pleasing landmarks, such as a fountain or flag pole.

* Enhance the village's business district.

Objectives for this goal include increasing the quantity and quality of business spaces, increasing the district's connection to amenities and increasing the exposure and identity of the business district.

The Fifth Avenue business district could be converted into an "old-town business feel" with a less-suburban character, the students suggested.

* Improve conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The village should complete sidewalks and improve crosswalks and increase street visibility.

* Improve the aesthetics of the business district.

Proposed objectives for this goal include connecting the business district to the village's residential area and promoting mixed-use development.

Other goals are to improve the circulation for and lessen conflicts between the different modes of transportation and increase the age diversity of people living in the area.

The studio's final report is expected to be submitted to the village in December.