The efforts of a community recycling group are on the verge of going viral.

The efforts of a community recycling group are on the verge of going viral.

The residents group, which has received a $10,000 grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, is working to increase recycling by students and staff in Grandview schools.

On Nov. 23, the group partnered with the high school drama club to produce educational videos about recycling.

Grandview High School graduate Jack Launer of I Film That directed and filmed the videos and will edit them, said Jerry Bower, who heads the recycling committee with Nicole DeVere.

Student volunteers star in each video, he said.

"We've made four videos -- one for each school and one for the city," Bower said. "We'll be posting each school's video on its website and the city will be posting its video on its website."

Each school video has a different message appropriate for the age level, he said.

The high school video will help reinforce the recycling effort the school's environmental club started several years ago, while at the elementary level, students are being introduced to the concept of recycling, Bower said.

The city video is a more-generalized message encouraging community members to recycle, he said.

Through the first few months of the school year, the effort to encourage recycling in the school buildings is picking up steam, Bower said.

Containers have been placed in each classroom and the group is in the process of purchasing more containers that will be placed in common areas of the school buildings and at the football field, he said.

"The high school already has a high level of participation and we're seeing more and more students at the middle school and elementary level remembering to place recyclables in our containers and not in the regular trash cans," Bower said.

"It's really satisfying to see our planning and work beginning to pay off," Bower said.