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Quick-thinking mother, daughter honored by police

Witnesses to armed robbery did everything right, officer says

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The Grandview Heights Division of Police has presented Andrea Gilliland and her daughter, Makenzie Scott, with its Citizen Award.

The Grandview residents were recognized for their quick action Oct. 14 in reporting an armed robbery of a man and woman who were walking in the 900 block of Northwest Boulevard.

Gilliland and Scott did everything right, from knowing to ask for Grandview police when they called 911 on a cellphone, to giving a complete description of the suspects' car, including the full license-plate number, said officer Greg Gillespie, who responded to the robbery report.

The victims also called in to report the robbery, but Gilliland and Scott's information helped police to quickly track down the suspects, he said.

"We were able to use the license-plate number to find out the home address of the registered owner of the car and we apprehended the suspects at that address within 20 minutes," Gillespie said.

"We ask our residents to be our eyes and ears and report anything that looks suspicious," he said. "This is a perfect example of how it can pay off and help us keep our community safer."

Gilliland said she and her daughter were driving on Northwest Boulevard near their home when Scott noticed a scuffle taking place on the sidewalk.

"I saw a couple of people were on top of somebody else. It looked like they were getting beaten up," said Scott, a senior at Grandview Heights High School.

"We turned the car around and I told Makenzie to call 911," Gilliland said. "We saw two guys jump in a vehicle and speed off. Fortunately, we were able to get a good look at the car and the license-plate number. The interior light of the car was on, so we got a good look at the two men."

"I was really worried that I didn't get the right license plate number," Scott said.

"You're kind of working on instinct" and trying to do the best you can, she said.

"We saw officers were with the victims and that's when we knew it was an armed robbery," Gilliland said. "It made me a little nervous to know the robbers had a gun."

"The victims were so grateful we were there to help," Scott said. "They (the suspects) had taken their house keys, wallets, cash and identification. We all hugged each other."

After police apprehended the suspects, the victims and witnesses were taken by police to identify them, Gilliland said.

"It all happened so fast; it was like 1-2-3," she said. "I think we did what you're supposed to do as residents of our community. I would hope everybody would do the same thing."

The suspects -- Anthony A. Davie, 43, and Reginald Q. Harmon, 25, both of Tuscarawas Court in Columbus -- each were charged with two counts of aggravated robbery, four counts of robbery, two counts of kidnapping and a count of having weapons under disability.

"These guys were both convicted felons," Gillespie said. "They were put in jail each with a $310,000 bond, so I don't think they're getting out anytime soon.

"We got two really bad guys off the street" with the assistance of Gilliland and Scott, he said.

Davie and Harmon remain in jail awaiting trial, Gillespie said.