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Grandview third-graders

Just 6 percent fall short of new reading benchmark

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Only 6 percent of Grandview Heights third-grade students failed the state's third-grade reading assessment in October.

The district had the highest percentage of third-graders passing the test in Franklin County.

Under the state's new third-grade reading guarantee, students who do not pass the test when it is offered again in the spring will not be promoted to fourth grade.

Eighty-four third-graders took the fall test in Grandview and five did not pass.

The results omit students on an individualized education program and those with limited English proficiency, Superintendent Ed O'Reilly said.

Most central Ohio districts had at least 10 percent of their third-graders fail the test; some had more than 30 percent.

Grandview's success "is a testament to the early work our staff does to identify our students who are showing deficiencies in their reading skills," O'Reilly said. "They don't wait until the third grade to get started.

"In this community, we're fortunate that many of our parents are reading to their children before they even come to us," he said. "It really is a team effort involving teachers and parents."

Even before the state initiated the third-grade reading guarantee, Grandview had a strong reading intervention plan in place to help students, O'Reilly said.

The state requires an intervention plan to be implemented for any K-3 student identified as not being on track after the fall assessment.

While the results on the fall assessment are pleasing, "we don't want any of our students to be reading" below grade-level, O'Reilly said.

It should be noted that the test given in the fall is an end-of-the-year assessment, O'Reilly said.