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Moment in time

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Courtesy of the Grandview Heights-Marble Cliff Historical Society
The third-graders pictured here in 1915 are (from left): row one-Margaret Zollinger, Leola Baum, Dorothy Adams, Janet Marter, Myrtle Penn, Edna Waterman, Doris Raines, Frances Ward, Burley Biillingsly; row two-Franz Stone, Donald Beach, Melvin Shrumb, Theodore Roberts, Harry Walcott, Henry Master, William Linn, Edmund Dwyer and Horace Smith.
Thursday January 9, 2014 12:33 PM

Pictured is Nellie Shoup's third-grade class of 1915. These students would go on to graduate from Grandview High School in 1924.

It was the first year for Grandview High School to be located in the "Big Red School House."

These students accepted the challenge to set new traditions along with standards and ideals for those who would come after them. Those standards were defined in the 1924 yearbook as justice, good will and clean play.