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Superintendent search

Residents, staff of same mind on leadership needs

Survey shows district's next leader should communicate well, have vision


The Grandview Heights school board, district staff and community members appear to be in sync for the most part when it comes to the skills and characteristics they want in the new superintendent.

The board met Feb. 26 to finalize the superintendent search profile based on the results of a online survey all three groups were invited to complete.

The survey was divided into several general categories: vision, continuous improvement plan and focus; communication and collaboration; policies and governance; instruction; resources; and special projects and leadership.

Participants were asked to pick the three elements they considered the most important for a superintendent to possess among the several listed in each category.

They also were asked to choose three of several listed superintendent standards that would best meet the needs of the district and rank their top three choices in order of importance.

A total of 164 residents, 81 staff members and the five school board members participated in the survey, said Bill Reimer, assistant superintendent at the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio. Reimer and Dale McVey, client services representative with the service center, are assisting the board with the superintendent search.

They coordinated the survey and presented a summary of the results at last week's board meeting.

The survey was intended to identify and help prioritize the most-important skills, characteristics and knowledge areas the district's stakeholders would want the superintendent to have, Reimer said.

"Among the three groups there was an enormous amount of similarity in the responses to the survey," he said.

The similar results demonstrates "that you must be in touch with your staff and community because you have the same feeling about what's needed in the next superintendent," Reimer said.

The board, the community and staff members were in total agreement in how they ranked the elements in the resources categories.

In most of the other categories, the three groups generally chose the same three elements as the most important, but may have differed in how they ranked them in importance.

It doesn't really matter much what order the elements are ranked, Reimer said.

More important is that the three groups were in general agreement about what the three top priorities were, he said.

All three groups listed vision, communication and leadership as being the three most-important superintendent standards to meet the district's needs.

The board agreed to add instruction to that list in the final profile.

In a number of the categories, the board added an element to the profile that placed at least fourth among at least one of the groups, even if other groups did not rank it highly.

The district will post the summary of the survey results on its website,

The district posted the superintendent position Feb. 10 and has set a goal of making a hire by May 15.

Superintendent Ed O'Reilly announced in January that he will resign effective July 31 to pursue new career goals.

The application deadline is April 7 and a paper screening of candidates is planned to take place at the service center the week of April 14.

The first round of interviews will be held the week of April 21 with second-round interviews the following week.